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  1. Supporting the Madrasati Initiative.

    This ambitious program brings together public, private, and non-profit partners in an exciting, new grassroots initiative to renovate public schools in urgent need of repair. Led by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Madrasati aims to enrich learning environments and enhance opportunities for children in 500 schools across Jordan.

    Mawared is one of the main supporters of this exciting program, offering its resources, expertise, time, and experience to make sure that the program achieves all of its goals. For the first phase of the program, Mawared has sponsored the rejuvenation of five schools, and has helped to implement programs that will enhance the learning environment of Jordan’s youth. To ensure maximum impact, Mawared works directly with community committees for each school, allowing a healthy exchange of ideas between the community and our employees.

  2. Supporting the Children’s Museum of Jordan.

    Dedicated to serving children, families, schools and the community at large, the Children’s Museum of Jordan provides inventive, educational, and dynamic activities and programs to Jordan’s future generations. For the Museum’s 2008 Independence Day celebration, Mawared decided to be a main sponsor. Tickets were provided to our staff member’s families, allowing them to partake in the celebrations.

  3. Distribution of Schoolbags in cooperation with GAM and the private sector.

    In cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Mawared contributed 1,000 schoolbags to children in need throughout the country as part of the GAM’s School Bag Initiative.

  4. Support of the Injaz initiative.

    Injaz was born with a mission to inspire and prepare Jordanian youth, and enhance their opportunities to join the job market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs. Injaz works in full coordination with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, and King Abdullah II Fund for Development.

  5. The Mawared School Bag Initiative.

  6. Sponsorship of the Ru’yatuk Initiative that includes the following:

    1. Sponsorship of the Abdali Innovation Award.

      The Abdali Innovation Award was created in cooperation with the Jordan University and the Jordan University for Science and technology to encourage Jordanian graduates to think creatively and critically about real-life architectural and engineering challenges. The award not only equips students with insights to tackle the highly competitive markets but also offers them opportunities to get closely acquainted with the latest engineering and construction techniques used in the Abdali new downtown project. Students get to work closely with Abdali project contractors and engineers while receiving financial support to help teams execute their creative and innovative ideas.

    2. Supporting the Launching of the Alwaan Program in conjunction with ‘Relief International’.

      Alwaan by Abdali came as a joint venture between Abdali Psc and Relief International - Schools Online (RI-SOL). Its aim was to foster education and community development in Jordan through a development scheme that builds on the facets of experience and human resources.

      Together RI-SOL and Abdali Psc tackled the needs of a segment of youth aged from 12-30 years that were living in underprivileged areas of Amman namely, Wehdat, Jabal Naser, Ashrafieh, and Al Hashmi Al-Shamali. The young Jordanians were granted the opportunity to participate in and implement youth-led projects.

    3. Supporting the launching of the Najah Program in conjunction with ‘Save the Children’.

      Najah by Abdali Ru'yatuk brought together Abdali and Save the Children, a major NGO that focuses on children's needs in society. The result was a youth training and employability program that impacted underprivileged Jordanian youth in Al Jiza.

      Najah (meaning 'success' in Arabic) took place in 2008 with 120 participants aged 18-24 (50% male , 50% female.) These youth were known to have the highest rates of unemployment and the lowest monthly incomes in the chosen areas (Al-Jiza, Jabal El Webdeh, Jabal Hussein and Sahab). Najah has directly impacted the lives of youth aged 18 - 24 by empowering them with important skills. With these skills, they can better participate in Jordan's economic life.

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