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  1. Sponsorship of Al Jazeerah Sports Club.

    The Al Jazeera Sports Club has played a prominent role in the Jordanian sports field since its creation in 1947. It quickly became a major sports organization, and remained that way until the 1980s, when it lost its prominent position. Mawared, eager to encourage the development of the country’s youth, seized this opportunity, and took charge of the Al Jazeera Sports Club, bringing it back to its former glory. Mawared was the first public institution in Jordan to pioneer such an initiative.

    Mawared has not only resigned itself to the alleviation of the financial burdens of Al Jazeera Sports Club, it has also played an active role in the administration of the club, which caters to professional and novice players and has several youth sports programs under its wing. This has allowed for the continuous overview of the club’s development and joint efforts in promoting new talent in the sports field and development of Jordan’s future young athletes.

  2. Support of the Jordan Rally.

  3. Support of the Women’s International Football Championship 2009.

  4. Support of the Jordan Football Federation.

  5. Support of the Jordan Gymnastics Federation.

  6. Support of the Jordanian Mountaineer: Mustapha Salameh, the first Jordanian to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

  7. Support of the Jordan Olympic Committee.

  8. Support of the Jordan Dead Sea Marathon.

  9. Support of the Amman Marathon.

  10. Support of the Jordan Brazilian Jujitsu Federation (Capital Challenge International Tournament)

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