The Pistacia Atlantica, locally known as the “Butum Tree”, can be found in various parts of Jordan with the most famous being located in Jordan’s north eastern desert. The tree has proved itself against the toughest odds surviving the test of time and Jordan’s harsh desert climate. Today, fifteen hundred years since it came to be, the tree still flourishes, its greenery presenting a beautiful contrast to the surrounding desert, bringing a touch of life to the barren landscape.

Mawared has taken this national icon and incorporated it as the corporation’s logo for its various similes. Like the tree, Mawared’s projects cater to the needs of people by providing green areas for relaxation and promenades. Like the tree, a centre of attraction, Mawared’s projects will attract investors and visitors alike. Mawared, like the distinguished Butum Tree, will stand up to the various tests of time, and will face all challenges.

A tree with strong roots ensures survival in today’s climates. Mawared echoes this providing strong foundations that ensure continuity through generations. Whether at a corporate level, or considering its individual projects, Mawared’s stringent requirements and standards ensure longevity and success.